Framery Q Flip 'n Fold troubleshooting

Issue Cause Solution
When closed, door does not sit properly. Side frame seal and threshold seal overlap. Cut the threshold seal to the correct length.
Roller latch is too recessed. Adjust the roller latch.
No adjustment plate under the lower hinge. Install an adjustment plate under the lower hinge.
Pod is not standing straight. Straighten the pod.
Door does not close fully. Power close function is not on. Enable the power close function.
Door is stuck. Roller latch is too far out. / Roller latch goes too deep in the strike plate. Adjust the roller latch.
Install a spacer in the strike plate hole.
Door does not open automatically. Door operator has run on battery too long and the battery is fully exhausted. Connect the door opener power cord to the battery.
Door is bent outwards from the bottom. Automatic door seal descends too fast. Adjust the automatic door seal.
Pod is not standing straight. Straighten the pod.
Door is crooked. Contact Framery support for a new door.
Door does not open fully. Connection between the door opener arm and motor too loose or not correctly tightened. Loosen and retighten the bolts connecting the door opener arm and motor.
Door stays in the open position or door opener arm reverses. Preload is set too high. Adjust the length of the door opener arm.
Door opener arm rubs against the door frame. Door opener arm bracket mounting position is incorrect. Reinstall the door opener arm bracket.
Pushbutton does not work. RF switch not programmed. Program the RF switch.
Power outlet in the power column does not stay in place. Power column is too thick. Fasten the power outlet to the power column with screws.