Install the motion detector and light

  1. Remove the bracket from the motion detector.
  2. Install the motion detector bracket to the ceiling at the back of the pod with 4x20 screws (3 pcs).
    Note: Make sure that the bracket is not crooked after tightening the screws.
  3. Guide the motion detector cord through the opening to the control unit.
  4. Connect motion detector cord to the PIR connector of the control unit.
  5. Lift the motion detector to the bracket and slide the motion detector into place.
  6. Connect the light cord to the LED 1 connector of the control unit.
  7. Install the wire end of the light under the flap of the motion detector bracket and turn the light against the ceiling.
    The light attaches to the ceiling with magnets. Align the light to the center of the ceiling.
    Note: Make sure that the cords are not damaged or pinched during the installation.