Install the booking system bracket (optional)

Choose the small or large wooden back plate according to the size of the customer supplied tablet bracket.
  1. Unscrew the M5x25 Taptite screws (2 pcs) and remove the strike plate from the lock-side aluminum frame. Use a hand tool.
    Note: Do not use power tools to remove the strike plate.
    Note: Set the screws aside for later use. The standard strike plate is not needed.
  2. Cut the rubber grommet open vertically.
  3. Install the small rubber grommet onto the USB cord and insert the grommet into the hole in the lock-side glass.
    Note: Make sure that you leave enough cord on the out side to reach the customer supplied tablet.
  4. Install the large rubber grommet to the strike plate of the booking system bracket.
  5. Measure the correct place for the rubber spacer on the chosen wooden back plate and install with one 4x20 screw.
  6. Lead the USB cord through the grommet in the strike plate.
  7. Assemble the booking system bracket with one M6x30 screw and one M6 barrel nut.
    Hold the nut in the slot while tightening the screw.
  8. Pull the excess cord out of the slot in the strike plate.
  9. Install the strike plate with bracket assembly to the lock-side aluminum frame with the M5x25 Taptite screws (2 pcs) set aside earlier. Use a hand tool.
    Note: Do not use power tools to install the strike plate.
    Note: Make sure that the USB cord is not pinched or damaged during the installation.
  10. Feed the excess USB cord into the frame.
    Tip: You may need to pull on the cord at the opening near the floor to be able to adjust the length.
  11. Install the plastic cover to the slot in the strike plate.
  12. Guide the lower end of the USB cord into the groove at the side of the floor and along the top of the insulation board to the free space in the floor.