Check the lock function

  1. With the door open, press the thumb turn down and push the sliding snib up.
  2. Press the door handle down to check the lock latch function.
    If the lock latch does not return easily to the starting position, see for instructions.
  3. Press the smaller latch in with your thumb and try pressing the door handle down.
    If the handle cannot be pressed down, the lock functions correctly.
  4. With the smaller latch pressed in, press the thumb turn down to test the lock latch function.
    The lock latch should retract inside the lock case.
  5. Go into the pod and close the door. Press the door handle down.
    The door should not open.
  6. Press the door handle and the thumb turn down.
    The door should open.
  7. Program the smart lock as instructed by the manufacturer.
    Note: Once the smart lock system is in use, the door cannot be opened by pressing the door handle down.