Disassemble the necessary parts

Note: Save all removed parts and set them aside carefully and neatly. All removed parts will be needed for reassembly.
  1. Remove the fan cover.
    Figure 1. * = With optional activated carbon filter
  2. Remove the plastic trims.
  3. Remove the roof body cover.
  4. Remove the wall body covers.
  5. Remove the front floor body cover.
  6. Remove both door handles.
    Loosen the set screws to remove the handles.
    Note: Do not remove the set screws.
  7. Install the door brace.
    Warning: Risk of injury or damage to property. Make sure that the door brace is in place before detaching the front frame with the door.
  8. Remove the occupancy indicator light(s) from the front of the pod, if installed.
  9. Lay a carpet on the floor in front of the pod.
    Note: The carpet is needed to protect the frame from scratches.
  10. Remove the pins (6 pcs) and open the latches (6pcs) around the front frame.
    Note: Support the frame in place while opening the latches.
  11. Carefully lower the front frame with door onto the carpet.
  12. Remove the guide pin.