Check the condition of the spiral cord

Warning: Always disconnect the pod from the power outlet before you begin disassembly, maintenance, moving, or any other procedure.
  1. Remove the plug from the power outlet.
    If equipped with the optional LAN, also disconnect the LAN cord from the outlet.
  2. Remove the table bottom felt.
  3. Detach the table handset and disconnect the cord from the spiral cord.
  4. Remove the plastic trims from the techwall.
  5. Remove the wall body cover from the techwall.
  6. Remove the spiral cord from the table control unit.
  7. Connect the handset directly to the table control unit.
  8. Press up or down button to test if the table moves.
    If the table moves, change the spiral cord.
  9. Reinstall the table bottom felt.
  10. Reinstall the hand set.
  11. Install the wall body cover.
  12. Install the plastic trims.
  13. Connect the power cord.
    If equipped with the optional LAN, also connect the LAN cord to an outlet.
  14. Reset the table. See Reset the table.