Adjust the door closing force

The door has three magnet housings. Each magnet housing has four magnets. If the door is extremely difficult to open, remove a magnet from one of the magnet housings. This reduces the door closing force.

If the door does not close properly, add an extra magnet to one of the magnet housings.

  1. Place a piece of tape below the magnet housing to protect the door from scratches.
  2. Carefully insert the screwdriver under the magnet housing and pry it slightly outward.
    The magnet housing comes off from the backplate.
  3. Remove the magnet housing from the backplate.
  4. Do either of the following.
    • Remove either of the two magnets in the middle.
      Tip: To get the magnet out from the housing, tap the magnet housing against the backplate on the door.
    • Add a magnet to the magnet housing.
  5. Install the magnet housing.
  6. Remove the piece of tape from the door.
  7. Check that the door closes properly but is not too difficult to open. If you need to further adjust the door closing force, remove a magnet from one of the other magnet housings.
    Note: There must be at least three magnets in each housing.