Install the fire alarm

You can install a wireless or wired alarm. Install the fire alarm onto the ceiling felt at the back of the pod.
Note: The installation area is approx. 150 mm (6 in) from the rear ABS strip towards the front of the pod at the straight portion of the ceiling felt.
Note: The maximum recommended screw size is 5x25 mm.

If you intend to install a wired alarm, follow these instructions.

  1. Remove the roof body covers.
  2. Remove the light.
  3. Cut a notch in the ceiling felt. Use a utility knife.
  4. Install the fire alarm with 5x25 screws through the ceiling felt.
  5. Guide the electrical wiring for the fire alarm under the light and through the notch in the roof.
    Note: Make sure that the wiring can move freely and that it is not stuck between the edge of the light and the ceiling felt.
  6. Guide the electrical wiring out of the notch in the roof.
  7. Reinstall the light.
  8. Cut a notch in the roof body cover for the electrical wiring.
  9. Reinstall the roof body covers.
    Note: Make sure the electrical wiring is not damaged during the installation.