Install the wall body covers

  1. Install the center body covers on both sides of the pod.
    Place the upper fold of the body cover against the wall of the pod and slide it into the upper installation groove.
    Note: Make sure that the cover has flanged edges.
    Note: Use a plastic chisel, if you must remove the cover.
  2. Press the body cover into the upper groove with one hand and bend the body cover lightly outward with your other hand. Slide the lower edge of the body cover into the groove at the bottom of the wall and press the body cover into place.
    Note: Make sure the fold on the lower body cover is in the lower installation groove.
  3. Install the wall body covers (2 pcs each side) on the edges of the wall of the pod.
    Guide the edges of the covers against the flanges in the middle cover.
    Note: If you are installing the optional whiteboard body covers, make sure that the sticker is in the upper outer corner when you install the wall body cover.
    Note: Make sure that the wall body covers are installed evenly and aligned correctly with the other body covers. Use a white rubber mallet to tap the wall covers into alignment if needed.