Install the 5V unit (optional)

The 5V unit is only installed if the delivery includes the optional booking system bracket.
  1. Punch out the right-hand side precut hole in the ceiling felt.
  2. Guide the USB and control panel cords from the U-profile on the strike plate-side glass frame to the control unit and pull them out of the front opening in the ceiling.
  3. Disconnect the DC extension cord from the PWR IN connector of the control unit.
  4. Connect the DC splitter cord to the 5V unit.
  5. Connect the DC extension cord to the DC splitter cord.
  6. Connect the USB cord to the USB connector of the 5V unit.
  7. Connect the 5V unit to the PWR IN connector of the control unit.
  8. Place the 5V unit carefully on the ceiling felt between the ceiling beams.