Install the power outlet on the table

  1. Install the power outlet into the opening on the table.
    Note: Guide the cords through the opening first.
    Note: Make sure that the USB plug is on the right-hand side.
  2. Install the fixing mounts into the slots under the power outlet with 4x6 screws (4 pcs).
  3. Connect the power outlet cord to the GST splitter.
  4. Slide the GST splitter onto the base plate.
  5. Guide the HDMI cord and the display power cord into a cable wrap and place the cable wrap on the table.
    Guide the cable wrap over the the first cable holder.
  6. Attach the adhesive cable holders (2 pcs) to the left-hand side table leg.
    Note: Make sure that the cable holders are installed to the mid-point of the table leg.