Install the display bracket and display cord (optional)

Note: The display is not included in the delivery. For display recommendations, contact your dealer.
  1. Remove the cork board from the wooden backplate.
  2. Push the whiteboards to the sides.
  3. Remove the black 5x30 screws (2 pcs) from the wall shelf bracket and pull the table away from the wall.
    Note: Make sure that the display cord fits between the wall and the table.
  4. Cut the U-profile seal under or behind the table.
    Note: Make sure that you cut the seal below the table top.
  5. Cut the U-profile seal at the opening of the wooden backplate.
  6. Pull the U-profile seal fully out of the U-profile.
  7. Cut 50 mm (2 in) off of the seal.
  8. Connect the display cord to the power outlet.
  9. Guide the customer supplied display cord through the U-profile to the display bracket from below the table.
  10. If you have a customer supplied HDMI cord, guide one end through the U-profile to the display bracket and out of its opening and the other end from the U-profile onto the table.
  11. Install the U-profile seal from below the table up to the opening in the display bracket.
  12. Push the table against the wall.
    Note: Make sure that the cut seam of the U-profile seal is behind the table and the cords are fully hidden.
  13. Reinstall the wall shelf bracket with black 5x30 screws (2 pcs).
  14. Install the display bracket in the middle of the wooden backplate.
    Note: Measure the height of the bracket according to the display.
  15. Push the whiteboards back into place.