Finalize the installation of the table and electrics

  1. Move the table back against the side wall.
  2. Connect the display power cord and HDMI cord to the display.
    The display is compatible with IEC C 13 connector.
  3. Connect the DC extension cord to the power unit DC cord.
  4. Connect the power cord to the power unit.
  5. Close the lid of the metal box and install the M4x6 screw.
  6. Guide the cords in the cable wrap through the cable ties (2 pcs) on the table leg.
  7. Install the table to the wall with black 5x30 screws (4 pcs).
    Note: Make sure that the seal on the wall is in the middle of the wall bracket.
  8. Guide the cable ties through the holders (5 pcs) and secure the extra length of the cord with the cable ties under the table top.
    Note: Make sure that you roll the extra length of the cord into a loop before tying them with the cable ties.